As if the beauty of nature and the creation of poetic chant, Fibonacci pregnant table is Parmigiani rich source of creativity and the praise: superb artistic expression panerai replica , outstanding technical performance with the five senses harmony. From mutually embraced aesthetic and mechanical skills, reflecting the realm of ultimate technology completely control, the glory of the only watch Parmigiani watches the birth and history of the origin of repair, which is the soul of the brand inception. Ultra-complex functions, enamel art, precious stones, engraved pocket watch Fibonacci techniques are revealed for the world to craft treasures. ? ? ? ?Unique Fibonacci pocket watch, is to medieval tribute to one of the greatest mathematicians masterpiece: He is nicknamed Fibonacci’s Leonardo Pisano, due to the introduction of Arabic numerals in Europe, the invention of “Fibonacci” Fibonacci series and the golden ratio and 1,618 were left ages. For many people, this sacred values exist in nature among the wonders of nature; when we observe the nautilus spiral or growth petal arrangement, they can often be found between specific connected. Therefore, strong nits Palmer picked for Fibonacci watch water lilies decorative patterns, in order to convey the beauty of life symbol. Riding floating on water lotus petals unfold one by one, that is, the reproduction of Fibonacci spiral. ? ? ? ? Fibonacci pocket watch is crafted symmetric manner. Pros and cons of dual table covers are decorated with the same pattern, water lily pattern, fake omega watches however, when two-sided table cover are open, they can see both sides of the water lily neat sea, hublot replica watch interpretation of the symmetrical beauty. Mining large fire made of translucent enamel and inlaid with precious stones, two tables covered with lotus flashing light and deep levels unparalleled, combined with bezel set of 288 ladder drills, more bright and moving. ? ? ? ? Dial similarly to water lilies theme is its ingenious design is carefully cut semi-precious stones formed. Flower part is rhodonite, jade incarnation as lotus, pond places black ho agate interpretation of it. Low-key embellishment on the bright lotus turner diamond droplets precisely the time scale, exquisite design and also to ensure that when reading harmless. The timer is made of mother of pearl pink or green. ? ? ? ? Fibonacci Parmigiani watch body is the crystallization of advanced watchmaking technology. It combines three asked, calendar and moon phase function of the movement , in the plywood bridge is also engraved with delicate patterns, echoing watch lotus theme. ? ? ? ? Connected to a spring buckle bracelet with watch itself is a fine jewelry craft for. A series of blooming water lilies petals shape, platinum chain bracelet set with 2,309 brilliant turner of diamonds, 12 emeralds, 14 rubies and a sapphire. ? ? ? imitation rolex watches for sale ? Sketches already come out in 1996 Fibonacci Baijin Huai table, inlaid over 50 karats of diamonds; such that each craftsman can fully play its process technology of the essence, took more than three years to be completed.